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 Direct Mail, Direct Placement and Digital Media - Online and Social Media

We offer advertising for the Tri-County Central Illinois merchants that no one else does,
Our Unique Three Point Advertising Campaign Package!
  • FREE DIRECT MAIL by the USPS as a stand alone publication to targeted households in the Tri-County area including Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties.
  • CONTINUAL DIRECT PLACEMENT of our free magazine at numerous locations throughout the Tri-County area for anytime pickup throughout the term of you ad run.
  • DIGITAL MEDIA - OUR COMPREHENSIVE WEBSITE including our digital flipbooks, maps and driving directions and our Company Facebook page.
We are the only savings magazine in Central Illinois offering online maps with driving directions to each of our advertiser's businesses and the direct placement of our magazine locations in addition to our direct mailings. Plus our magazine can be read in digital form via flipbooks with the option to print the entire magazine or just one page! We strive to provide your customers with the full gamut of available avenues to save money. We designed our website so they can easily find out more about their local merchants, find business locations and the products or services they provide, as well as the discounts they offer through our publication.
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Approximately 80,060 magazines are directly mailed by the Post Office, quarterly, for FREE, in the Tri-County area which includes four issues of the Peoria County Edition magazine and four issues of the Tazewell / Woodford County Edition magazine per year.

Approximately 320,200 magazines are delivered per year.

If you are in our delivery area, our magazine is free. No signups or subscriptions are required, just enjoy the savings!

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We set ourselves apart by being the only savings magazine in the Tri-County area by direct mailing our magazines and placing our magazines for free pickup at numerous local area businesses, supermarkets and hotels.

We order an additional 10,000 magazines for pickup, per quarter, above and beyond our Direct Mail magazines totaling 40,000 additional issues per year.

Our magazines are located throughout the Tri-County area with a number of locations having both editions of the magazine.

This totals approximately 90,060 magazines delivered and placed per quarter.

Approximately 360,200 magazines are delivered and placed for free pickup per year.

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We know that some people like to save money by means of going online, whether by desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

 We've created a brand new comprehensive website that is tablet and mobile responsive,  which includes digital flipbooks of our print magazines, additional information about our advertisers with maps, driving directions and direct links to their website!

In conjunction with our Facebook and Pinterest pages, we feel these are a great compliment to our print magazine.

Click on the READ MORE button for more information about our new comprehensive website and our Facebook page plus be the first to know of any new upcoming changes!

Both Editions of the MarketGuide Magazines are DIRECTLY MAILED by the USPS to your customer's homes for free!

Why Advertise Direct Mail with the MarketGuide Magazine?

We give New and returning customers an easy way to patronize your business by allowing you to offer them incentives to visit and re-visit you. They don't have to search for offers, go to a certain store, watch or listen to a certain station, sign up for offers...your offers go direct to them from the USPS.

We are your premier DIRECT MAIL AND PLACEMENT advertising magazine provider in the Tri-County area.
The MarketGuide Magazines have proven themselves effective for over 20 years in the Central Illinois area due to our unbeatable value, a great variety of quality advertisers, and delivery through USPS to large targeted local household areas AND continual placement at local area businesses for free pickup.
No subscription or signup is required from a customer.

What better way to put your business in front of a customer than directly in their hands right from their mailbox?
Bring new customers to you or back to you, by going direct to them and offering them an incentive to do it! Think about it...Nearly every other form of advertising have one thing in common, they require an initial action or prerequisite for your business to reach a customer. Direct mailings are proactive and tactile – requiring that the recipient take it and look at it, especially if it can easily save them money.

Ad Cost
Please contact us for a personalized quote.
Rates start at only 0.5¢ per household (less than $100 a month) TOTAL DELIVERED plus thousands of additional magazines are continually PLACED LOCALLY PER QUARTER, compare to ANY other direct mail OR placement publication or other advertising company mediums! 
Our premium direct mail advertising magazines have proven to be one of the most effective and efficient method of branding your name or service in our targeted areas for most businesses and with the option of coupons, make it easy to measure your ROI, unlike many other forms of advertising. Your advertising dollars are spent where they count in our quality product, delivery areas, placement and our SEO website, we offer an ad size and plan for nearly EVERY budget due to our low overhead, efficiently run, locally owned business and we truly pass those savings to you!


Additionally, we don't gouge you by tacking on production fees, ad design fees, upfront set-up fees or ad change fees!

We offer Payment Plans

Your business ad will be in a quality, full-size Magazine
We take extreme pride in designing and producing our publications as if we are advertising in it!
We realize that our magazines represent your business to potentially over 100,000+ readers which is why we aren't following the trend of cutting corners (like nearly all of our competitors) with our product.
  • First, We choose not to use cheap newspaper stock, we choose to step up to a more expensive, quality paper stock that has a true gloss finish (not buffed), we choose bright white because is a superb canvas for your ad to be vibrant and eye catching, and we choose this on ALL pages (not just the cover) and all pages of our magazines are saddle stitched together, which means no loose pages to fall out.
  • Second, we have proven, professional graphic designers, with over 60 years of combined experience, that will design your ad, at no additional charge, that is visually appealing and what you want, and input from us if so desired.
  • Third, we utilize a high quality, LED UV heat dried, state-of-the-art, commercial printing press company, utilizing the 4/4 color CYMK print process to produce a crisp, high resolution, vibrant, colorful magazine and we offer the option, at additional cost, 5/4 color processing.
What you can also expect from us is; we won't use a substandard size "booklet", outdated designs, cheap, thin, newspaper type paper, have any pages in black and white and never have loose pamphlets that fall out. We feel, we are by far, the best media read only for coupons and offers.

Direct Mail's only requirement is a mailbox
This is a key difference for getting new customers. Direct mail allows you, the advertiser, to go to right to your customer's mailbox. Our magazines are free of charge, with no signups, with no subscription fees and not just to a few thousand households or a single neighborhood... all without draining your advertising budget!

We make every effort to try and ensure our magazines are valuable to the customer with great coupons and offers from a variety of quality advertisers... you. We are one of the very few advertising mediums that allow for physical coupons along with printable coupons from our website. Our commitment to you is to make a visually appealing, full-size and easy-to-read, engaging magazine, with a fun, "Find The Fleet" contest in every issue and make it where there is something inside for everyone!

Did you know?
The average open rates for email is now under 20%, (what do you do with your emails?) statistics show people aren’t opening their mass amounts of emails, just mass deleting them, but they still sort through their mail!
Statistics for thought; 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it's delivered, 77% of them sort through it immediately, Approximately 66% of people have bought something because of direct mail, 70% of customers have re-started a relationship and 48% of people retain direct mail for future reference.
Direct mail feels personal, according to USPS, 70% of people feel that mail is more personal than the internet and they're receiving something tangible. Millward Brown, a research agency, found that physical media left a “deeper footprint” in the brain than digital media did. 
Direct Mail Marketing garners 7x more responses than all digital channels combined!*

If a potential customer spends a few minutes on your website, that’s considered a good amount of time. What if we told you that they spend 10x more time with their mail?
According to the USPS, Americans spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail on any given occasion. When it comes to magazines, they spend 45 minutes turning the pages.*
  On average, in our Tri-County area, there are over two people per household, which potentially can give your ad reach to over 168,000 people and that's not including the additionally placed magazines!**

We want to help you increase your business through the proven power of our direct mail and direct placement of both magazines in the Tri-County area, our comprehensive website and through social media, cost-effectively!

We will not stop, but continually strive, to produce for you an excellent ROI through our quality magazine, comprehensive website and our innovative ideas.

Click on our DIRECT MAIL AREAS for the delivery areas and dates of both of our magazines.

We order thousands of additional magazines, above and beyond the magazines that are directly mailed.

We are unique
 because we are a direct mail AND direct placement savings magazine and have teamed up with many Tri-County area businesses, supermarkets and hotels to continually place both issues of the MarketGuide Magazine in the Tri-County area for free pickup by customers anytime who wish to have an additional copy or who are not in our delivery areas. We place more magazines alone, above and beyond, our magazines that are direct mailed, than many other "pickup only publications."
Due to requests for magazine pickup locations, we include the pickup locations of our magazines including a map and driving directions.

 We are the only free advertising savings focused publication that is direct mail and direct placement that includes online and social media advertising in the Central Illinois Tri-County area.

Click on PLACEMENT LOCATIONS for our up-to-date direct magazine pickup locations.

We understand that some customers prefer to go online and/or social media to get to the same great offers and coupons that are in our magazines.

New for 2017
we have designed from the ground up, a mobile and tablet responsive website to increase the number of customers to you and enhance your ad's effectiveness.

We've raised the bar by offering a number of new improvements including; digital flipbook versions of our magazines to read and print right from our homepage. Under CATEGORIES and the appropriate Sub Category, your ad is listed, including a map of your business location(s), a button for more information and driving directions to find you, with a couple of clicks, your ad can be printed out by the customer. We also place your business name in our list of advertisers, along with a direct link to your website, on the PEORIA COUNTY LIST OF ADVERTISERS and 

New for 2017, in every issue, a fun "Find the Fleet" contest will be in every issue, which customers must find the four Chihuahuas or pets among the advertisers (chosen at random) and customers can enter the contest on our website or by mail, with three winners per issue.

We also post (and link to your Facebook company page) your ad for Facebook users to easily access. Your ad will post on our wall at least once per magazine cycle, this allows your company and the MarketGuide Magazine to stay on the minds of our followers. We also have our new Pinterest page if customers wish to pin an ad for future reference. During 2017 we will work on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Click on our ONLINE / SOCIAL MEDIA for more information about our new website and social media advertising.

We are a locally owned and family operated advertising company.
The MarketGuide Magazine has been serving the Central Illinois Tri-County area for over 20 years.

Where is your corporate office?
We live and operate right here 
in the Peoria area, use a local commercial printing company, use local graphic design artists and local representatives. What does all this mean to you?

We understand you. You locally own and operate your business just like us. We understand our area, your ad budgets, your target markets, and the understanding of appreciation that your ad dollars stay locally in our community, not sent off to some other part of the United States or even out of our Country.
Check it out...Most of our advertising avenues may have a representative or branch here, but their headquarters or main office is in another state or even another Country.

Advertise Local!

This also means consistent, local, personalized service, quick turnaround of your questions and ad proofs, knowing that nearly all of your investment is going towards the design, delivery and placement of your ad, and to online marketing. We never gouge you with surprise fees, production fees or set-up fees. Never does a hefty percentage of your ad dollars go to commission sales people, or to large corporations with huge overhead.

Whether your goal is focused on increasing your new customers, informing customers on what you have to offer, keeping customer retention and loyalty, keeping your business Top Of Mind, announcing new products and/or services or position your business as the market leader, we can deliver the right direct mail and direct placement publication and expertise!
We would appreciate you contacting us and comparing.

When we mean Shop Local, we stand behind that statement by being Local!

*,, **

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