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Access is also available to each advertiser's individual ad, in alphabetical order, by going to our CATEGORIES page which also includes their business location and driving directions.
There's Something Inside For Everyone!
to save money with both Free Quarterly Issues of the Peoria County Edition and the Tazewell / Woodford County Edition Magazines with valuable coupons and offers from a diverse number of local area businesses!
There are about 100 savings coupons available, per issue, for you to use!

Place your issue(s) in your car or at home and with our extended expiration dates, there's little or no disappointments. Hold on to your magazine, why? Because you just never know when you could take advantage, and when you're ready, so will your coupons and offers!
Need a place to eat? Until there is a restaurant named "I don't know or I don't care" what better way to find a place, then by pulling out your MarketGuide Magazine and flipping through for a place to decide to go and save!

We hope you find our full color, full-size magazine is easy to retain, has a quality feel with crystal clear images and text which makes it easy to view and read. In the complex sea of digital and social sites, it can get pretty frustrating and confusing and the timing is not always right, we try to alleviate those issues by packaging up some really great local area businesses together, in a take-with-you, free, full-size direct mail and free pickup print magazine.

Wish to read our magazines digitally? Just click above on one or both of our issues to view or print via our digital flipbooks!

Looking for additional coupons? Access is also available to each advertiser's individual ad. Go to CATEGORIES and under the appropriate subheading, in alphabetical order, scroll down to the advertiser's coupons or offers you wish to view or print or find out their location with our map and driving directions button! For your convenience, we have also included our advertiser's link to their website via the magazine issue link.

You can also show the coupons and offers on your phone (most advertisers) or print any of the ads yourself.

 A big thanks to our advertisers, designers, writers, and technical professionals that are constantly working together, for you, to create a vibrant, quality, crystal clear publication, comprehensive website and social media outlets that make it easy for you to use, try new places or re-visit current places and save money!

Thank you for your interest in the MarketGuide Magazine! It is appreciated by all of us. We would love to hear your stories on your saving experiences!
Our mission is to continue to be YOUR #1 most valuable source for savings!


We offer the Tri-County Central Illinois merchants something no one else does.
FREE DIRECT MAIL to targeted households in the Tri-County area including Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties.
CONTINUAL DIRECT PLACEMENT of our free magazine at numerous locations for anytime pickup.
ONLINE WITH OUR COMPREHENSIVE WEBSITE and with our Facebook page, turning your requests into reality.
We are the only savings magazine in Central Illinois offering you an online map with driving directions to each of our advertiser's businesses and the direct placement of our magazine locations. Plus our magazine can be read in digital form via flipbooks with the option to print the entire magazine or just one page! We strive to provide your customers with the full gamut of available avenues to save money. We designed our website so they can learn more about their local merchants, find the business locations and the products or services they provide, as well as the discounts they offer through our publication.
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Approximately 80,060 magazines are directly mailed by the Post Office, quarterly, for FREE, in the Tri-County area which includes four issues of the Peoria County Edition magazine and four issues of the Tazewell / Woodford County Edition magazine per year.

Approximately 320,200 magazines are delivered per year.

If you are in our delivery area, our magazine is free. No signups or subscriptions are required, just enjoy the savings!

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We set ourselves apart by being the only savings magazine in the Tri-County area by direct mailing our magazines and placing our magazines for free pickup at local area businesses, supermarkets and hotels.

We order an additional 10,000 magazines for pickup, per quarter, above and beyond our Direct Mail magazines totaling 40,000 additional issues per year.

Our magazines are located throughout the Tri-County area with a number of locations having both editions of the magazine.

This totals approximately 90,060 magazines delivered and placed per quarter.

Approximately 360,200 magazines are delivered and placed for free pickup per year.

Click on the READ MORE button below for up-to-date placement locations.


We know that some people like to save money by means of going online, whether by desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

 We've created a brand new tablet and mobile responsive, comprehensive website that includes additional information about our advertisers with maps, driving directions and direct links to their website!

In conjunction with our Facebook and Pinterest pages, we feel these are a great compliment to our print magazine.

Click on the READ MORE button for more information about our new comprehensive website and our Facebook page plus be the first to know of any new upcoming changes!
We appreciate and want to hear from you! If you have any comments, feedback or ideas to make the magazine(s) better, please feel free to contact us by phone or by the Feedback / Contact Form below. Thank you!
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