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We at the MarketGuide Magazine have been honored to provide to you, a free, quality savings publication, with a wide selection of businesses, and be your go-to Guide-to-Savings that Support Your Local Merchants in the Central Illinois Tri-County area for over two decades.
 Since then, we have grown in distribution, direct magazine placement and online/social media presence. We are a media read only for advertising with offers, coupons, business awareness and sometimes fundraising events. Our mission has one main objective, to ignite your desire to go and save money at these trusted local merchants, but we also hope you enjoy our magazine with our Find the Fleet contests and Facebook contests.

As a locally owned and family operated advertising publication business, we understand cost-effectiveness is a key component for many small business owners and we are the only Tri-County advertising company to include an all-in-one, affordable, three point advertising package. To our loyal readers and coupon redeemers, we hope with every issue, you continue to enjoy the offers and discounts from your local merchants, the creative ad execution, quality and professionalism of our magazines and our online and Social Media presence.

We want to hear from you, if you have a comment or feedback please scroll to the bottom of this page or CONTACT US

2 Zone Magazine Delivery Market Areas to Reach Your Customers

Remember: treat coupons and offers like cash...like my mom always says, a penny saved is a penny earned!

We are excited to offer you and our advertisers a new, more comprehensive website to obtain coupons online easier and reach more people than ever! Go to our ONLINE / SOCIAL MEDIA page to read more about our online additions and social media outlets.

For 2017, we have further upgraded our full-size magazines to a higher quality, bright white, high gloss paper that is easy to retain and ads that are crystal clear and vibrant with great savings on every page. We also gave our magazine a restyled cover with an updated facelift! This year we are also focusing on our online presence with added features and information which we hope makes a great complement to our savings publications.

We offer a two zone delivery area of our free magazines to reach you, the Peoria County Edition and the Tazewell / Woodford County Edition. With each quarterly delivery of our full-size, easy-to-read magazines, you are getting great savings coupons, the fun "Find the Fleet" contests, and other special offers from some of the best local area merchants located throughout the Tri-County area! For more information on our delivery areas and dates of delivery go to DIRECT MAIL AREAS. For additional issues of our free magazine(s) pickup go to MAGAZINE PICKUP LOCATIONS for a location convenient to you!

With our new website, you can print, download or show on your phone (most advertisers) the same money-saving coupons that we offer in our quarterly print issues of the MarketGuide Magazines. Save your issue that comes right to your mailbox every quarter, they are jam-packed with the best coupons and offers in Central Illinois.

If you have a suggestion about a particular business or a type of business you would like to see in our magazine, please let us know.

Your referrals are appreciated, ask us about our referral program!
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